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Bratislava and Belgrade concerts with ChamberJam Quintet

It is so wonderful to be playing for larger, live audiences again! A thrilling feeling to walk onto stage again, and to feel the energy of a live public :):)

We celebrated this with 2 very exciting concerts with our ChamberJam Quintet, in great halls in Bratislava and Belgrade. in Bratislava at the fantastic Konvergencie Festival, and in Belgrade at the great Kolarac Hall. Here we where joined by one and only Maja Bogdanovic, so out Quintet became a Sextet!

here are some great photos from both concerts, the Bratislava ones by Martina Simkovickova and the Belgrade photos by Stanislav Milojkovic.

with greatest Marcelo Nisinman, Natacha Kudritskaya, Alberto Mesirca &  Zoran Marković



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