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Rowland Bogdanovic Duo

“ This is remarkable and treasurable. I would not have believed that this was played by only two people; it’s extraordinary…entirely beautiful. This has become for me THE best performance “   American Record Guide

“ A magical meeting between cello and violin. Here are musical memories that dance through space as ghostly figures, and are interpreted with great character, colour and depth “ – NRC Handelsblad

“ A gorgeous performance – it is a true voyage of discovery: they know the music through and through also seem to be discovering it in the moment … wonderful, fragile, and tender “  Diskotabel’, NPO Radio 4

Dutch–English violinist Daniel Rowland and Serbian–French cellist Maja Bogdanovic join forces in this exceptional musical partnership. Since forming their duo in 2018, they have performed at major festivals all over Europe, in the USA and South America garnering great acclaim for their passionate, tender and adventurous performances, colorful and innovative programming and last but not least, a wonderful sense of complicity and communication. Regular guests on Dutch radio & television, the duo passionately believe in expanding the still all to small repertoire for this rich combination of violin and cello. Their recent  CD release for Challenge Records includes world premiere recordings of works by Penderecki, Sollima, Vasks and Nisinman and was greeting with rapturous reviews, American Record Review calling it ‘Extraordinary – remarkable and treasurable, entirely beautiful’, while leading Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad described it ‘a magical meeting of cello and violin’.

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Philip Sawyers’s Concertos

Daniel Rowland, Rowland Bogdanovic Duo

Pas de Deux

Rowland Bogdanovic Duo


Empty Concertgebouw Sessions

Rowland Bogdanovic Duo

Christmas greetings from Stift – Vasks

Daniel Rowland, Rowland Bogdanovic Duo

“ Pas de deux “ CD trailer

Rowland Bogdanovic Duo

Vasks: Castillo Interior (extracts)

Rowland Bogdanovic Duo
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