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Stift Festival Ensemble

The Stiftfestival in The Netherlands has now for over 16 years brought together some of the most adventurous, exciting, colorful and communicative performers from all over the world. The Festival stands for musical risk taking and open-mindedness, it embraces new music and presents thematic programs full of contrasts, emotions, virtuosity and a sense of fun. The festival takes place in late August and in the week between Christmas and the New Year, and every year the Festival Ensemble, a ever fluid constellation, with at it’s heart a fixed group of like minded musical spirits, tours the highlights of the festivals. The ensemble also every year performed at least one program as a chamber orchestra.

„ Rowland en de zijnen tekenden voor een gedreven uitvoering, opbloeiend van bezonken openingsmaten tot extatische climaxen. Mooi hoe het zevental Strauss’ hoogpolige motivische vlechtwerk voortdurend onder spanning wist te houden, terwijl de klankbalans toch helder bleef. Gloedvolle melodische een-tweetjes, thematische details in de middenstemmen: het was allemaal perfect te volgen“ –NRC Handelsblad about Strauss Metamorphosen 

Please feel free to check the Stiftfestival site for the current programs:

Here are some recent Festival Ensemble photos:

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