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Hombre Tango

Marcelo’s Nisinman’s amazing Hombre Tango performed by Quintet Nisinman, Rowland, Kudritskaya, Mesirca & Markovic

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Piazzolla’s Angel Suite by Tango=Art

Tango=Art perform Astor Piazzolla’s great Angel Suite at the Stiftfestival  

Piazzolla’s Romanza del diablo

Piazzolla’s gorgeous Romanza del Diablo, performed at the Stiftfestival by Tango=Art

Daniel’s Tango, live at the Stiftfestival

Daniel’s Tango by Marcelo Nisinman performed at the Stiftfestival

Maria de Buenos Aires at Stift

Highlights from Astor Piazzolla’s classic tango Oera ‘Maria de Buenos Aires, performed at the Stiftfestival.

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